Dear Allure Rewards Members,

The Allure Rewards program has now merged with its sister program, Lucky Rewards, to bring you the best cash back offers on all of your online shopping! Lucky Rewards offers:

  • More than 800 participating online retailers
  • Up to 25% cash back on purchases
  • Exclusive member-only sales

Go to Lucky Rewards and start earning your cash back today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Allure Rewards
Why is Allure Rewards merging with Lucky Rewards? Merging Allure Rewards into Lucky Rewards will allow us to offer a richer loyalty shopping program with more cash back and better sales.
I love Allure Rewards. Is Lucky Rewards really that great? Yes. Lucky Rewards pays cash back for purchases made at more than 800 participating merchants. Plus, Lucky Rewards offers more member-exclusive sales, like double or even triple cash back, as well as huge discounts on top merchants.
I've earned less than $5 in cash back. Will I still receive my cash back? We are only able to send out redemptions that are $5 or more, but you will have until June 26th to shop through Allure Rewards to increase your account balance to greater than $5.
When can I expect my last cash back redemption? Our plan is to send the final redemption for Allure Rewards on or after August 15, 2012. This allows us to make sure your final purchases will be accounted for during our last redemption period.
I have a Lucky Rewards account but don't remember my password. If you already have an account with Lucky Rewards, you can click here to have your password reset and emailed to you.
I have a subscription to Lucky. Do I need that to participate in Lucky Rewards? If you have a subscription to Lucky, you can use your subscription number to enjoy uninterrupted access to Lucky Rewards offers. To find your subscription number, click here or you can find your subscription number on your next issue of Lucky above your address on the mailing label.